Vaida Maleckaite

Specialization:  Financial Management


Benavides, A.D., Dicke, L.A., and Maleckaite, V. “Creating Public Sector Pedestals and Examining Falls From Grace” International Journal of Public Administration (2012).

Krueger, S. and Maleckaite, V. “The Great Recession's Impact on Big City Budgets in the United States: Dallas, TX” Municipal Finance Journal (2011).

Dissertation Title “Strategic Path to Fiscal Sustainability: Revenue Diversification and the Use of Debt by U.S. Municipal Governments” 
                              Defended: May 2012.

Research Interests

Government debt and municipal bond markets, revenue diversification and portfolio theory, financial regulation

Conference Presentations/Workshops

(2012) Midwest Political Science Association Conference (MPSA), “Strategic Path to Fiscal Sustainability: Two Studies of U.S. Municipal Governments;” Southern Political Science Association Conference (SPSA),
“In Search of Fiscal Balance: Revenue Diversification and the Use of GO Debt among U.S. Municipal Governments.”

(2011) Western Political Science Association Conference (WPSA), “Revenue Diversification and the Use of GO Debt: A Panel Study of Massachusetts Municipal Governments” with Skip Krueger.

(2010) National Association of Schools of Public Affairs and Administration Conference (NASPAA), “Preserving Quality in Times of Fiscal Austerity: A Case Study of a PhD Program” with Robert L. Bland,
Lisa A. Dicke, and Laurie C. Long.

(2004) Institute of Humane Studies at George Mason University, “Liberty and Current Issues” (Public Policy Workshop Participant).

Professional Associations

Midwest Political Science Association (MPSA), the Econometric Society

Classes Taught

PADM 3000 Introduction to Public Administration
PADM 3410 Financial Aspects of Government