Abraham David Benavides

Abraham D. Benavides
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Chilton Hall 204F
Office Hours: 
Before and After class, or by appointment
  • PADM 3020/EADP 3080, Leading and Managing Public Organizations (Spring & Summer)
  • PADM 5020, Leading and Managing Public Organizations (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 5030, Managing Human Resources (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 5035, Professional Practice for Public Managers (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 5050, Legal Issues in Public Administration
  • PADM 5100, Local Government Management
  • PADM 5210, Diversity in Public Management
  • PADM 5700, Organizational Development and Behavior
  • PADM 5700, State Government and Local Management Seminar, Austin, Texas (Summer)
  • PADM 5700, Washington, D.C. Seminar (Summer)
  • PADM 6010, Seminar in Public Administration (Fall)
  • Ph.D., Cleveland State University
  • M.P.A., Brigham Young University
  • B.A., George Washington University

Dr. Benavides completed his Ph.D. at Cleveland State University and joined the public administration faculty in the fall of 2002. He is currently an associate professor and serves on the National Council of the American Society for public Administration and is also a member of the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation COPRA for NASPAA. His areas of expertise are state and local government, government management, human resource management, ethics, and cultural competency. Currently, his research involves cultural competency, ethics, structures of government and emergency response, and legal and management issues in human resources. He consults local municipalities on a number of issues. He previously served as an adjunct instructor at Cleveland State and Kent State Universities. Prior to coming to UNT, Dr. Benavides worked for county government in Ohio as an accreditation coordinator for a human service agency and was a small business owner of a Seafood Market in California.

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