Skip Krueger

Associate Professor and PhD Program Coordinator
Chilton Hall 204D
Office Hours: 
M 2:00-5:00pm, R 11:00am-2:00pm or by appointment
(940) 565-4870
  • PADM 3410, Financial Aspects of Government
  • PADM 5010, Public Administation and Society (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 5400, Managing Financial Resources (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 5420, Revenue Policy and Administration (Fall)
  • PADM 5500, Administrative Research Methods I (Fall)
  • PADM 5560, Performance Measurement in Public and Nonprofit Sectors
  • PADM 5700, Advanced Finance
  • PADM 5700, New Regionalism
  • PADM 6025, Institutional Context of Public Administration (Fall & Spring)
  • PADM 6400, Seminar in Public Finance Policy and Administration
  • PADM 6700, Workshop in Public Administation (Spring)
  • Ph.D., University of North Texas
  • MPA., University of North Texas
  • MA., University of North Texas
  • BA., Baylor University.

Dr. Skip Krueger joined the faculty in 2004 after several years working as an analyst for local governments in north Texas.  His research interests include the financial aspects of natural disasters, regional cooperation among local governments, and state and local budgeting. He has presented his research at numerous academic conferences, and has published in many academic journals, including the Journal of Politics, Publius: the Journal of Federalism, the Journal of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, Public Budgeting & Finance, and Public Finance Review.  He has served as Assistant Chair in the Department of Public Administration, Co-Program Coordinator for the Master of Public Administration program, and Chair of the UNT Faculty Senate Budget Committee. He currently serves as the PhD Program Coordinator for the Department of Public Administration.

Curriculum Vitae