PhD Student Association and Outstanding Students

The Ph.D. student association was started in 2009 shortly after the program began in 2005. The vision for the association is to provide Ph.D. students an opportunity to further their relationships both in the classroom and outside. The association has organized study groups, encouraged students to participate in department colloquiums, and of course provided a number of opportunities to mingle and have lunch and dinner together. The Department of Public Administration annually identifies an outstanding Ph.D. student who is recognized at one of the association events. Below is a list of both outstanding Ph.D. students and past association presidents.

PADM Doctoral Student Association Executive Board
March 2017- March 2018
President Julie Winkler
Vice President Abdullah Alshammari
Secretary Saud Alotaibi
Treasurer Jie Tao


Outstanding Ph.D. Students
2008-2009 – Amy Holt
2009-2010 – Eliot Jennings
2010-2011 – Laurie Long
2011-2012 – David Wachira
2012-2013 – Marina Saitgalina
2013-2014 - Kyujin Jung
2014-2015 – Jesus Valero
2015-2016 - Julius Nukpezah
2016-2017 - Laura Keyes


Ph.D. Past Student Association Presidents
2009-2010 – Laurie Long
2010-2011 – Laurie Long
2011-2012 – Xiangyu (Dale) Li
2012-2013 – Ashley Hyder English
2013-2014 – Jesus Valero
2014-2015 – Brian Williams
2015-2016 – Kim Kyungwoo (John)
2016-2017 – Tayfun Ayazma

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