What's in it for me?

Will my friends and family be impressed?

U.S. News and World Report ranks the MPA program at UNT as the best in Texas and the Southwest, and 13th in the nation, in the area of city management and urban policy. Our MPA degree is also accredited by the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs, and Administration (NASPAA), which is the national accrediting association for graduate public administration programs.

Will I know what I'm doing when I'm done?

Our MPA degree provides you with a combination of time-tested management theories and state-of-the-art practice. The program's curriculum emphasizes such timely and critical developments as measuring organizational performance, evaluating public programs, working in teams, understanding up-to-date financial reporting requirements, operating in collaborative networks, planning for and managing disasters, leading nonprofit organizations, encouraging workplace diversity, and many others.

Can I get a real job...or a better real job?

Graduates of our program get jobs. Our network of alumni and employers in Texas and beyond is extensive, and when a prospective employer sees "University of North Texas MPA" on your resume, they will be confident that you have the best possible education in public management. Because we emphasize general management skills and help you determine how and where you can apply them, your career options are not limited to any one policy area or level of government. Our program is distinctive because it provides the tools that offer you as much flexibility as you desire. We don't believe a degree should limit your options; we believe an MPA should open up a world of opportunities.

Will I make more money?

An MPA degree from UNT helps the pre-career student start a lucrative career AND makes a difference for someone already working full time. A 2002 survey of alumni indicated that students who were working full time when entering the MPA program increased their salaries, on average, by nearly 65 percent just five years after graduating. Nearly two-thirds of these same graduates reported an income of at least $50,000 and nearly one-fifth reported an income of greater than $75,000. We cannot guarantee such an income, but these figures demonstrate the bottom-line value of an MPA from UNT.

Can I be the boss?

There are more city managers, deputy city managers, and assistant city managers in the State of Texas that graduated with an MPA from UNT than from any other university in Texas. The majority of our alums are "bosses": directing government agencies, leading nonprofit organizations, managing programs, and coordinating projects. According to a survey, nearly 40 percent of our graduates had reached positions of executive authority within five years of receiving the MPA from UNT and many others chose high ranking analyst, consultant, and management assistant jobs.

Will I be learning from doers?

We not only teach leadership, we practice it. Faculty members recently have served as a national president of a professional public administration association, led a regional professional society, served as a member of a city commission, held elected positions in local government, served on boards of nonprofit organizations, led citizen committees, served on the national accrediting board for MPA programs, and led fundraising efforts for charitable organizations. Our faculty have also worked in such positions as a program evaluator for state government, a coordinator for a county human services agency, a first-line responder to disasters, a legislative assistant, and in private business.

Will I be learning from knowers?

You will be taught by researchers who have published over one hundred fifty books, articles, book chapters, and technical reports, most of which have appeared in press over the last few years. Our work can be found in the leading journals of public management, budgeting and finance, disaster management, program evaluation, public policy analysis, economic development, political science, and many other areas.

Do I have to quit my day job?

You won't have to put your life on hold while you get your MPA from UNT. We offer most of our courses in the evening or afternoon. 

Will I need a day job?

Pre-career students are required to serve an internship before graduating, but you will not be doing menial tasks for free. We want you to have a meaningful internship experience and we expect you to be compensated for the expertise you bring to the employer. We require all internships to provide income for the student, usually an hourly wage. You will also take a preparation course to assist you in resume development and interviewing skills. Our internship coordinator will help secure an internship position for you and help match you to the right employer.

Will I be done before I'm old(er) and gray(er)?

If you are a full-time student, you can graduate in less than two years. If you are a part-time student, you will be able to tailor your class schedule to fit into your busy schedule. We offer a few courses in the summer, which helps you finish more quickly. Pre-career students can work at an internship while they are taking classes.