Public Administration

Sumners Scholars with James Carville and Mary Joe Matalin, the famous husband-wife team, 
who are political, respectively, Democrat and Republican commentators.

Various forms of financial assistance are available to MPA students directly from the department or from external sources. It is recommended that students interested in financial aid investigate available options at the time they apply to the program since a number of scholarship/assistance opportunities are offered to beginning students only. However, some sources of financial assistance are available to students who have begun their program. For alumni and others that are interested in supporting student scholarships, there are many program development opportunities available.

A brief description of the financial award opportunities is provided below. In addition to these sources of assistance, other forms become available and details about them are provided to students when the information is received by the department. Students interested in any of the listed opportunities should consult the MPA Program Director in Chilton Hall 204 for more information and for application forms.

Hatton W. Sumners Scholarships

Up to five scholarships for beginning, full-time pre-career students interested in an administrative career in local government are awarded each year by the department. The awards are for 18 months and are worth $31,000 each; $12,800 is awarded as a stipend and paid over 16 months ($800 per month), and the remaining $18,200 is applied toward tuition. For the first 12 months, students serve as research assistants to faculty members for 10 hours a week. The department begins reviewing complete applications April 1. Recipients must be enrolled full time in the MPA program.

MPA Alumni Scholarships

Funded by donations from alumni and friends, MPA Alumni Scholarships are awarded in two ways:

  1. Students may apply for an award prior to enrolling in the graduate program by completing the MPA Alumni Scholarship Application and submitting the requested information to the MPA Program Coordinator. Recipients of an Alumni Scholarship must be enrolled full time.

    Students currently enrolled in the MPA program may also apply for an Alumni Scholarship Applicants must have completed at least 9 hours in the graduate program, excluding transferred hours, but not more than 24 hours, and have a cumulative graduate GPA of at least 3.70. Recipients of an Alumni Scholarship must be enrolled full time. Recipients of a Hatton W. Sumners Scholarship or employed as a TA, TF, or Research Assistant by the Department of Public Administration are not eligible. The department's scholarship committee will use the following deadlines in making award decisions: June 1, August 1, and January 1.
  2. Full-time department faculty members may nominate students for an alumni scholarship by requesting that a candidate complete the MPA Alumni Scholarship Application form. Both eligibility and the review process are the same as that used for self applicants. Nominations may be made throughout the year.

    Renewal of an Alumni Scholarship requires reapplication or renomination. All awards are for tuition and fees while students are enrolled in the MPA program. Award amounts will vary depending on (1) the availability of funding and (2) the qualifications of the applicant or nominee. The MPA Program Coordinator will notify the scholarship committee of the amount of funding available for distribution at each award cycle. Awards will be announced by the MPA Program Coordinator.

E. Ray Griffin Scholarship

Established in 1995 by former students of Dr. Griffin's, this endowed scholarship recognizes the many contributions of this teacher and mentor. Dr. Griffin taught at UNT from 1947 to 1982 and was involved in the MPA program's creation in 1961. In addition to receiving the income from the endowment, which currently is about $1,000, the E. Ray Griffin scholar receives a $2,000 alumni scholarship. Both awards are for the payment of tuition and fees at UNT.

Debra Brooks Feazelle Internship Award

Recipients must be enrolled full-time in the MPA program and possess exceptional potential for leadership in city government or the nonprofit sector. Recipients complete their internship with a qualifying small city or nonprofit organization. The employer, if financially capable, provides a partial match to the award. Interns will receive this award as hourly compensation during the duration of their employment. As growth in the endowment warrants, the award may be expanded to include payment of tuition and fees for interns while enrolled at UNT.

Clarence E. Ridley Scholarship

Sponsored by the Texas City Management Association, the Ridley scholarship provides $3,500 for one year of study. Applicants should be in their second year of graduate study and be either a full or part-time student. Applicants should have a strong career interest in municipal management. The application deadline is usually mid-December and is made to TCMA.

Lynn F. Anderson Fellowship

Sponsored by the Government Finance Officers Association of Texas, an annual one-year award of $4,000 to a student interested in financial management. The application deadline is usually March or April and is made to GFOAT.